As of right now, I'm not sure what papers I'll put up. For now, here's a small sample:

Cornell and International Mathematics Contests in Modeling

\(\wedge\) Form versus Function: Walking the Line. Cornell Mathematics Contest in Modeling, 2008. Team: A. Deshmukh, T. Chitra, R. Stahl

\(\wedge\) A Dynamic Path Finding Model for UAV Surveillance, Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2010. Team: T. Chitra, F. Laham, M. Guay

Honors Thesis

\(\wedge\) Honors Thesis (95% complete), Tarun Chitra

\(\wedge\) Sasaki-Einstein Metrics on \(S^2 \times S^3,\) Presentation for Brown SUMS 2011, Tarun Chitra

Math Presentations, Projects

\(\wedge\) The Stone-Cech Compactification, Project for Math 4530 Fall 2010, T. Chitra

\(\wedge\) Analytic Capacity, Final presentation for Math 6120, Spring 2009. T. Chitra

\(\wedge\) For Cornell's Math 6510, I made quite a few drawings using PGF/TiKZ [a LaTeX package] for my homework assignments.

Links for the homeworks are: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

\(\LaTeX\) Talks

In Spring 2011, Matt Guay and I gave introductory talks on how to use \(\LaTeX\) for the Cornell Math Club. Some of our presentations are

\(\oplus\) XY, Tabular, Enumerate